Where’s Waldo for car: 1971 Mercedes 280SL

April 21, 2017
Posted by: Marketing Team

Pile of Pagoda: 1971 Mercedes 280SL

Where’s Waldo for car.

This is like Where’s Waldo for car guys. The contents of the this garage contain something fairly special and I bet that at first glance you didn’t even notice the 1971 Mercedes 280SL sitting in there. It has apparently been parked in this sad state since 2004 when the car was purchased from the first owner. The new owner dreamed of restoring it, but obviously this Benz only ended up being used as a shelf to store junk upon.

After a decade the owner has come to their senses and admitted to themselves that they are never going to get to it. So, it has now been listed on eBay by what looks like a dealer. I’m not sure how they got ahold of it, but hopefully they are sharing some of the payday with the last owner. I wouldn’t pay a fraction of the current bid, but obviously a few people want it.

Here’s the car pulled out and cleaned up. You can clearly see the reason I wouldn’t place a single bid on this one. There’s cancerous rust and lots of it! The underside does look solid, but the fenders, doors, and sills are full of the nasty stuff. The shabby look may be interesting, but I highly doubt you could just polish it up and drive as-is. The car has also suffered a respray at some point so there is no telling how many more surprises await you. There’s no doubt that the people bidding on this car want to restore it so maybe that doesn’t matter too much to them.

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