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May I visit the showroom without appointment?

Of course, you are always very welcome. However we try our best to be available, we recommend you to schedule an appointment.

Contact us to visit our showroom.

What is the process of buying?

The thought of buying a car long distance may seem daunting but we specialize in making it an easy and pleasurable experience. 

An easy and clear process.

  1. Call us on the vehicle that interests you and our sales representatives will give you all the information about the car and answer any questions that you may have. We are always happy to email detailed pictures of the interior and exterior of any car in our inventory. If you do not find the exact car that you are looking for, call us and let us find the perfect vehicle to match your requirements.
  2. Once you have agreed to purchase the vehicle, we will email you a buyer’s order which you will sign and email back to us. At this time, we will collect a refundable deposit which can be in the form of a credit card, check or wire transfer.
    You have, of course, the right to inspect the vehicle. You may fly in to inspect the vehicle yourself or ask for a local specialist to perform this for you.
  3. Once the inspection has been completed to your satisfaction and the funding details have been finalized, we will confirm all the shipping arrangements for the delivery of your vehicle.

Vehicle Transportation
Having your new car shipped to your doorstep is very simple. Palm Beach Classics can provide safe and reliable transportation to any destination in the United States and worldwide. Call our representatives for a quote at (561) 568-8882 or email us at info@palmbeachclassics.com.

Why buy a Classic Car?

For those who love classic cars, these specialty vehicles are viewed as both an investment opportunity and as one of life’s great pleasures. If you are contemplating buying a classic car, though, you should think about whether you are looking to get into the market of buying and selling classics as a way to earn money, or whether you simply want a good-looking classic car to enjoy, do minor work on, and take to shows.

Knowing what your goal is before purchasing a classic car may help you decide what to buy. For instance, if you don’t want to do much work on the car but do want to be able to have a fun ride to show off, you are in a different buying mode than someone looking for an old car to fix up and sell for a big profit.

What is my vintage car worth?

From a financial perspective, both supply and demand are keyin this area. The more rare the type of car, the more it will be worth. 

Even something as simple as the car color (both interior and exterior), if original to the car, can increase its value if it is in limited supply.

Palm Beach Classics may provide you with the right value of your vintage car. Send us all the informations about your vehicle.