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March 8, 2017
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High Mileage Award Requirements and Application Information for Your High Mile Mercedes

Do you have a high mileage Mercedes-Benz vehicle? We see a lot of cars with more than 250,000 kilometers (155,000 miles) on their odometers that are eligible for a cool grille badge from Mercedes-Benz, many owners don’t realize these awards are available, a neat little trinket to dress up your car and show some pride in your Mercedes you’ve managed to keep on the road all this time.

Mercedes-Benz first introduced the High Mileage Award in the 1960s to recognize the Mercedes-Benz vehicles still on the road that reach well over 100,000 miles, with some even passing the 1 million mile mark. The program continues on today.

If your car is over 155,000 miles, you are eligible for a 250,000km grille badge like the one pictured above, there is a list of each mileage milestone below. Visit the High Mileage Program page at MBUSA to download your application for a High Mileage Award Badge.

Part of the process is having your mileage verified, any Mercedes-Benz dealer can do that, then you send in your application. The Mercedes-Benz Classic Center will send you a certificate and grille badge.


You’ll receive a certificate like this with the mileage benchmark you’ve met, and a nice grille badge.

Award Milestones
155,000 miles (250,000 kilometers)
312,000 miles (500,000 kilometers )
466,000 miles (750,000 kilometers )
625,000 miles (1,000,000 kilometers)
1,000,000 miles (1,610,000 kilometers)

2.8 million miles in his 1976 Mercedes-Benz 240D

Mercedes-Benz High Current mileage champ is Gregorios Sachinidis, a Greek taxi driver.

According to MBUSA: “The current Mercedes-Benz High Mileage champ is Gregorios Sachinidis, a Greek taxi driver who holds the known record of more than 2.8 million miles in his 1976 Mercedes-Benz 240D.”


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