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Sea Foam Motor Treatment is a safe and versatile additive that can be used in fuel, oil or added directly into the combustion chamber on 2-cycle, 4-cycle, rotary and diesel engines. Sea Foam is a 100-percent pure petroleum product, so it is as safe for seals, o-rings, sensors and other fuel system and engine components as the fuel or motor oil that runs the engine. Sea Foam contains no harsh chemicals.
Sea Foam Motor Treatment, 16 oz:

  • Safe and versatile additive
  • Add to fuel, oil or combustion chamber
  • For 2-cycle, 4-cycle, rotary and diesel engines
  • Made from 100-percent pure petroleum
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • Model# SF16

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Instructions: Carefully read other precautions on side panel. One pint treats 8 to 25 gal in all types of gas (Use 1 oz. per gal.) or 6 to 12 gal in all types of gas oil mix (Use 2 oz. per gal) for cleaning and stabilizing. Add more to clean, less to maintain. Does not replace oil. Use continuously. For tune-up of small engines, slowly induce Sea Foam direct into fuel line or air intake system while engine is running. Stop and let exhaust. Repeat as needed. To Store & Fog Engines, slowly induce Sea Foam into air intake system and spark-plug holes, saturating internal parts. When aerosol Sea Foam is desired, use Sea Foam Spray Top Engine Cleaner & Lube. Use Sea Foam every 2,000 to 5,000 miles for maintenance.


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