Viewing is Essential: 1959 Mercedes 190SL

April 13, 2017
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Viewing is Essential: 1959 Mercedes 190SL

Junk or Save?

We can all accept that sometimes economic forces well outside of our control demand that basketcase cars be restored, even against what sound judgement would decree reasonable. However, there are moments when I think if you’re foolish enough to believe you’ll ever get your money out of a genuine frightpig of a car, you deserve to lose your shirt. Check out this 1959 Mercedes-Benz 190SL here on eBay UK, an icon of the bubble car era that, at another time, would have been pillaged for parts and sent to scrap long ago.

The seller says “viewing is essential” in a somewhat thinly-veiled admission that this Mercedes cabriolet is rough beyond even your darkest expectations. Sure, restored and survivor examples are fetching bigger numbers than ever before, but that doesn’t mean every boned drophead deserves to be saved. Truly impressive levels of rot and metal fatigue are evident on this car, which looks to have spent some time at the bottom of a lagoon before being extricated for public viewing.

What's next?

The interior is the best part about the car, as the dash and door panels look fairly solid. The gauges look like they could live on in another restoration candidate as well. Beyond that, I’m not sure what this 190SL will offer anyone beyond a headache and a lawn ornament your neighbors will quickly protest. It does come with the engine and gearbox, but between the mechanical bits and the aforementioned interior, I’m not sure I see a car worth over $45,000 US per the seller’s £30,000 asking price.

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