One of the rarest Mercedes option: 190SL spare gas tank

August 9, 2017
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One of the rarest Mercedes option: 190SL spare gas tank

Secret Option

Even for well-informed collectors, it is always a surprise to find out more about a rare object: a spare gas tank option for 190SL.

  • The round spare gas tank: This type of gas cans that fit inside the back of the wheels were a usual accessory for several european cars of the era. Several examples in different threads exist. This one is usually the most common and the most known.
  • The tire well spare gas tank: almost completely unknown, we detailed few elements below.

The tank is a little deeper than the trunk floor so you can fix the wooden board to close. On the top of the tank there´s a big 8 for the amount of liters. This spare tank is very rare (also in Germany).

This spare gas tank is really amazing, the design to fit in the tire well is what many of us would expect from Mercedes Benz to be the perfect accessory. It has been really hard to understand why MB designate the “Allboy” gas can as the OEM accessory. Even the more common round gas can was not the OEM.

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